Query on development tenant

We have a multi tenant environment (10 tenants) with UAT orchestrator. We do not have separate tenant or environment for development. Packages are directly deployed from development machines to the UAT orchestrator now. For troubleshooting of the packages and to make the packages available to the support team, we are planning to have the packages available for delivery team. How can we achieve this ? Do we need to create separate DEV orchestrator ? or a development tenant where we can create folders for each tenant names and give the team access to those respective tenants ?.


Best way would be to create separate tenamts…so that it can be access cwntralized from one orchestrator


Hi @sandeep_n

Orchestrator you can create multiple tenant and multiple environments based on the licenses and Requirements,
So if you want a lot each tenant to each user as a admin you have to create Groups, Users, roles for certain teams. or you need to contact admin and request them. Manage access>groups, Users etc.

We have around 10 different tenants for UAT already. We are lacking development tenants. Now if we create a common tenant for development and bring all the folder structure to this new development tenant and upload package and give users access to their relevant folders, will that serve the purpose.? Do we foresee any challenges in that ?

We have around 10 different tenants for UAT already. We are lacking development tenants.


This approach also would work…there are no issues that you have…this way assets and process can be cross shared as well if needed



Having UAT tenants is fine but if it is not in use you can change their allocation license UAT to Dev .
by following Tenant> Users> Edit allocation.
The tenant will change to UAT to dev environment.

We are using uat tenant.

For troubleshooting purpose do we need license cost ?

You have UAT orchestrator with 10 tenants? It looks like a lot. I would use 1 tenant with 10 folders for UAT and 1 tenant for DEV (with 10 folders). You can seperate package feeds per folder and also access for specific folder.


Non Prod is available for troublshooting


Its because of project requirement.