Taxonomy manager loading slow

Hi Guys,

My Taxonomy Manager is loading very slow and stuck at one point.
I am not able to add any group.Kindly help me.

That might he related to the graphic issue which was reported few months back.

Couple of user got rid of that error after updating the graphic card.

Mention your graphic card and the processor information.

Link to the issue which was reported and confirmed by Intel:

Hi, I am facing same problem. Have you resolved this? If so plz guide me.

Can you check and confirm what graphic card is on your system.

The taxonomy opens as a new application instance in window and hence the graphic card is responsible for paying the UI elements there and is that is loading the element slowly, it must be an issue with the graphic card. The fix of the same can be found in the link in my last comment above.

Do let us know your response so as to figure out what’s the actual issue and to have is resolution accordingly.

@bharathi_ganesan if you gave found the solution you can mention that and Mark the post as solution to close the thread.

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