Taxonomy Manager and Template Manager not loading correctly


When I launch the Taxonomy Manager and Template Manager, I get a blank white window. If I change the window size, this seems to trigger a refresh and the UI appears. Now if I want to make a change, the change doesn’t appear unless I change the screen size again. Any ideas? I saw this issue earlier on the forum with someone who had the same computer as I (Dell Latitude 7420). I’ve tried running as Admin, updating drivers etc. Any help is appreciated.


I am having the same issue, and really need UiPath to help resolve this bug ASAP!

Same problem for me, I hope it gets solved soon. I run a Dell Precision 3560.

I am having the same issues in my lap and I really requesting UIPath to resolve my bug…

This is a problem caused by the Intel GPU, see it detailed here.
As mentioned in the article, you can solve it by installing their Beta driver, version or higher.


Hi Adrian, I have tried installing the latest beta version and still there is no luck.
I even tried re- installing the Ui-path studio.
Kindly, advice what are other options which we can try to fix the same.