Task scheduler option


Can you please put back the task scheduler option in CE?



Hello beesheep

The request is also discussed here UiPath Scheduler Button

Please keep in mind though another aspect, that Community Edition is not purposed to be executed as a Robot, but for development and education.
So scheduling it or keeping it running all day is not the intended use case, as the Licensed version is intended.


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Hello Alex,

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read the ideas. You are right, I was just thinking that for development it will be a helpful tool…

thanks again.

It is too complicated for us to implement that (Windows security issues) and it will generate a lot of support issues.

@Alex_Dragoi: This is false. CE can be used for production purposes too as long as you are not an Enterprise and not breaching the License Agreement.


declined. use Orchestrator CE.

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