Schedule not running anymore through Orchestrator and UiRobot for CE

Hi Guys,

In the past three weeks my schedules did not run.

Any ideas?

I am using Community Edition.

I have even run UiRobot.Exe manually as I thought it might be that UiRobot is not started, but no.

My schedules are not running anymore.

Hi @raool90

Have you checked whether the robot type is set to Unattended mode?

Since you are using the communty edition, earlier the robot type was set as Studio in the robots screen. Edit the robot and set it as unattended and you will be able to run.

Let me know if this helps, if it doesn’t, let me know what error you get?


Hi ,

Thanks for replying.

So, UiPath now asks for 8000EUR for what it used to be free.

When I edit it and use Unattended, it says I do not have a license!

I am out of here. Good luck UiPath with the new model!

Kind Regards,

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You should have license… every community version has 2 attended bots and 1 unattended license…

Can you check your cloud platform once. In the cloud platform, go to your service page, and see whether it is allocated with an unattended bot… It should be there… Nothing is being charged… I’m using the unattended one as well…



Now I changed that. Works. Thx


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