Task Capture Template

Can someone please advise how to save our PDD template as .ssword? The documentation says that extension is required but I don’t see it as an option in Word.


Hi @lhendrix1,

For this to happen, follow below steps:

  1. Export any existing template from task capture, it will be exported in .ssword format.
  2. Open it using word, edit and push to program files->Task Capture->templates or as part of an installation script.
  3. New template would be ready for use.

Alternatively, you can edit any existing template(instead of export), save a copy of it and then navigate to %appdata%\Task Capture\templates\word\template\template.docx

Here, template.docx file would contain the template created/copied in Task capture. Changes made to this would be directly reflected in the template copy created in task capture.
Once, finalized, this template can be moved to program files folder as designated above.

Happy task capturing!!


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