Task Capture: Conversion to .ssword format

How do we convert a word document into .ssword format for use within task capture?

Hi @vuliana,

Please take a look at this docs article that explains how to edit an existing template and how to create one from scratch. This will ensure that your template has the right file extension. Customizing the Word template

Here is the doc on Managing word templates(Export template, Import template): Managing Word Templates

Let me know if you’ve any questions.


Hi Virna,

Doc template can be used directly within task capture by pushing it to program files->Task Capture->Templates(would require admin rights to do so though or it has to be moved as part of installation script).

Please note: Whenever any existing template is exported for use, this export is always done in .ssword format.
However, if you use Edit template option, create a copy of it, you can directly access its .docx format by traversing location %appdata%\Task Capture\templates\word<template name>\template\template.docx

Here, template.docx file would contain the template created/copied in Task capture. Changes made to this would be directly reflected in the template copy created in task capture.
Once, finalized, this template can be moved to program files folder as designated above.


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