Task Capture - Export Word Doc Results into Excel

From either Automation HUB PDD or UiPath Document when using Export and Publish, can the results within those documents be exported into an Excel Spreadsheet Workbook?

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Hi @kelly.l.hutchison

Direct export is not possible

As there are only 3 options for task capture export


So if you still want to convert word to excel you can achieve it via automation

But task capture mainly deals with flow diagrams
You won’t get accurate output to excel as it is unstructured data

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Hi @kelly.l.hutchison

In UiPath Automation Hub and UiPath Studio, the Export and Publish functionalities are primarily used to export and publish process-related documents such as Process Definition Document (PDD) or automation workflows. These functionalities do not directly support exporting the contents of those documents into an Excel spreadsheet workbook.


Hi @kelly.l.hutchison

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