Option for Task Capture to upload Custom PDD to Automation Hub

Hello! New here, I’ve been playing around with task capture for a little while and I found out that when i’m uploading to Automation Hub, it just uploads the Default PDD File format we have. I was wondering if it was possible to choose which template we can upload. Just a suggestion also maybe it’s because i’m using Community Edition?

Hello @emrabino,
check this : Managing Word Templates
Hope this answers your question.

Hi @emrabino :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing the feedback! Actually, that’s the existing behaviour for both Community and Enterprise activation. But we’ll consider this as an idea for improvement, thanks!
As a workaround, I can suggest you exporting the PDD by going to export Word option, where you’ll be able to select the template for PDD. And then, you can manually upload the file to Automation Hub.