Task Capture Error Invoking Remote Method 'fs:open-file': [object Object]

Error thrown while opening completed processes.

  • Tested on 2021.10 - could not reproduce the error however if the issue appears using the latest Task Capture version the below fixes still apply
  • ssp file is a ZIP archive. Main files are:
    • document.json - document info, steps etc.
    • media/ - folder with the screenshots
  • Possible issues may be because of data corruption and steps below can be followed to identify the corruption
    • try if .ssp file could be unzipped.
    • if not - try to fix it with any ZIP-fixing tool and extract as much data as possible.
      • if no document.json file in the archive - data can't be restored
        • send .ssp file, or at least - document.json (in that case -remove sensitive data from json file)

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Hi @Anna_Hotsa,

Do you have any insights to share for this issue? Or if you can tag someone who would have some information around this would be really helpful.

This process explains how to extract/recover data within .ssp file but once it is recovered, how can that data be used to recreate a .ssp file which can then be opened/edited via Task capture.


Thanks, @sonaliaggarwal47 . We are working internally on this issue with @imran.shaikh

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Thank you @rashmi.nc for your response.

Please let us know as well when this issue is resolved :slight_smile:


Sure, @sonaliaggarwal47 :slight_smile:


Any solution ?
We are struggling with that in our company.

Hi @rashmi.nc,

Has resolution been achieved for this issue?


No, I am having the same issue when I try to open an .ssp

Can you give an update @rashmi.nc ?

Hi @Georgy_Rudnev_Deefinity.c,

Welcome to Uipath forum.

You don’t need to open .ssp directly with task capture in case of this error rather follow the steps outlined below:

And after extracting, you still can’t see document.json, in that case, please share your .ssp file with UiPath team to recover data.


Hi @Georgy_Rudnev_Deefinity.c , Can you try the 2021.10 version?

EXE: https://download.uipath.com/TaskCapture/task-capture-setup.exe & 32bit

MSI: https://download.uipath.com/TaskCapture/task-capture-setup.msi & 32bit

Please refer to the thread Task Capture Error invoking remote method ‘fs:open-file’: [object Object] - #5 by rashmi.nc


Came across this issue recently, turns out it was just to do with the Version of Task Capture.

The client was using Task Capture Version 21.10.1 and I was locally using Task Capture Version 21.4.1

I removed Task Capture and upgraded to Version 21.10.2 and was able to open all the files that were having that same error code.

It would appear that Task Capture is not backwards compatible.

Hope this helps!