Task capture open error - Error invoking remote method 'fs:open-file'

Hi All,

I would like your help for recovering a file (.ssp), which was created with task capture, but I got the following error when I try to open it: Error invoking remote method ‘fs:open-file’: Corrupted zip: can’t find end of central directory

Any help will be highly appreciated.



kindly share the resolution if you managed to recover the .sso file. I am getting the same error and i extracted the .ssp file to media folder and jason files. but not sure if i have to recreate the new workflow again in task capture or is there an quicker way to use the json and media folder and convert to .ssp.

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Hi @carolina.rodriguez @imran.shaikh ,

Please check below post for some tips around this error, you may find it helpful.


Hi there,

Just had this issue myself.

The client was using Task Capture Version 21.10.1 and I was locally using Task Capture Version 21.4.1

I removed Task Capture and upgraded to Version 21.10.2 and was able to open all the files that were having that same error code.

It would appear that Task Capture is not backwards compatible.

Hope this helps!


Hi @Craig_Bannerman1

I am glad it is working fine for you now. :slight_smile: Seems to be this fixed in 21.10.1. Please refer to the release notes: 2021.10.1


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