Copy of .ssp file is going blank when we do changes in the file and save. It is giving only 0 kb file!


As soon as we have used the old file for editing it is going blank. And unable to get back to previous version once it is converted to zero kb file in size!.

HI @Nani_Kishore_Marisetti,

Have you tried unzipping the .ssp file and see what it contains?

  • ssp file is a ZIP archive. Main files are:
    • document.json - document info, steps etc.
    • media/ - folder with the screenshots
  • Possible issues may be because of data corruption and steps below can be followed to identify the corruption
    • try if .ssp file could be unzipped.
    • if not - try to fix it with any ZIP-fixing tool and extract as much data as possible.
      • if no document.json file in the archive - data can’t be restored
        • send .ssp file to UiPath team, or at least - document.json (in that case - one could remove sensitive data from json file)

To send the file to UiPath, raise ticket on customer portal if you are on enterprise edition:
Customer Portal | Home

If not on enterprise edition, use below link for uipath support: