Tandem activity automation

Automating Tandem daily routine check activity


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Are you tried anything and facing any issue ? could you please tell more details.

Yes. I tried automating it with image recording. Just wanted to know what will be the best approach to go for Tandem activity automation?


could you please tell more details about your process and what you will do here after this screen is coming.

Is UIPath identifying elements or not ?

Buddy @Nidhi1

Kindly elaborate a bit more that could help us to solve this issue


While making RDP connection (Image automation), despite keeping the same resolution of both the screens ( Machine on which Uipath Studio is present and machine on which the application which needs to be automated is present), click or image click activity is not clicking on the defined region.
I tried changing the WaitForReady property to Complete.

Also, Win+UP key is not working for maximising the window.

Bot is running smoothly from studio, this issue comes only when we are deploying the project on orchestrator.