Tally automations

i am unable to retrieve the data from tally using screen scrapping and data scrapping but i am unable to retrieve it
please help me in this
i am new to uipath
Regards Monika


Do u wanna extract entire page as a DataTable or onlu ledger is enough.?

Tally was not officially supported by uipath,

still you can use image automation, computer vision, to do scrapping

Hope this helps


only all ledgers.

Use screen scraping activity to scrap the entire data with full text methode, You will get an output of String.

Split the string with enviroinment.newline like this (yourString.Split(Environment.NewLine.TocharArray)) and store the output in array variable.

now you will iterate the ledger with outputArray


i can’t perform click action and send hotkey activity on tally application.
i am trying to click on “accounting Vouchers”
check screenshot
plz help me.

Use sendHotkey as “V”