Tally application

HI All, I’m new to Uipath and RPA, I’m trying to Automate my work on Tally application ( copy past fields). On the first place, I’m wondering whether Uipath supports Tally application or not. So, please help.
Thank you

Check this: RPA Accounts Payable Automation | UiPath

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do we have the activity for this?

There is no specific activity for but you can make use of selectors based automation, image automation etc.,

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There isn’t any activity regarding Tally.ERP, but I checked with the trial version and it was working okay.

Ok, that’s great to hear @JaganGuru.

Also, may I know why my Uipath studio is getting closed after showing this error " Uipath Studio has stopped working" when I’m trying to do " scrape relative" from recording option. !