Data scrapping is not working on oracle JAVA Pages. Data scrapping working fine for other application. Java extension for data scrapping installed on system


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After installed Java extension have you restarted both Oracle and Uipath studio application ?



Ok. Then it seems like application not allowing Uipath to extract the data.

Use Screen scraping methods and try to read the data once.

is it possible even if number of record count is maximum. and data need to extract in one go.
Or suggest a way to scroll down till screen scraping captured data and capture next data.

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Did screen scrapping method from design tab in studio help us on this
As that would give us string variable as output which can be passed as input to GENERATE DATATABLE activity and we can get the datatable as output

Cheers @Sachin_Jadhav


I guess yes. Once it a try with screen scraping and check output once.

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we had many cases of the same situation. Just a few options to start further exploration

  • explore with the uiexplorer the structure of rows and cells
    ** we used often find children to retrieve the fields in a serie and then grabbed the values
  • sending keys like “down”, “page down” to the table did scroll for us the table
  • checking the text property of the scroller gave us the information if there was a scroll done on not (e.g. on the end)

Let us know your new explaration results and we can help you more

Thank you for help.
Here solution worked by using click , send hotkey activity, and then get data from clipboard. click selector adjusted by using clipping region.

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