Taking screenshot of a specific portion in a pdf file

Hi, guys. I would like to know how will be able to make the screenshot activity dynamic. I have to find the element “Signature” then take screenshot of the signature together with the label “Signature”. I am having a hard time because the clipping region is not dynamic so the screenshot differs from what I have originally set to because the clipping region has a hardcoded position. How will I be able to solve this?


Hi @eabcdcstr did you dind solution of the above. If yes , Could you please help me with the same.

@shalu.mittal, a while ago I wanted to test if I could check if the document has a signature or a stamp in the signature box, so the process I did opens the pdf page scrolls down to the bottom of the page and then it takes the screenshot of the region where a signature or stamp is supposed to be and then it checks that screenshot against the original screenshot which is blank and then based on that it decides whether the document is signed or not. this is a fairly simple workflow and you can use it as a start or just a reference to what you need to achieve, and if you have any questions or require further assistance just let me know.

Here is the workflow:
Example.zip (309.9 KB)

Hi @shalu.mittal, what I did was similar to the comment to your reply. What I did in my workflow was open a pdf file-> insert “send hotkey downpage” until it reaches the end of a page->take a screenshot of it.
If the pdf file’s content is in text then maybe you could use find element before taking a screenshot but if the pdf file’s content is scanned image then maybe we have to just set the clipping region for taking a screenshot. the latter one was my case when taking a screenshot of the signature.