How to specific image in Take Screenshot activity?


I am trying to get a specific image by using Take Screenshot activity.
In Indicate screen the F3 is disabled and only gets enabled when I choose a target and applies only to anchor. I would like to take specific region of the screenshot not the entire page screenshot.
Can you please help?


In this case I think you’d have to use the Target.ClippingRegion to specify a region.
With this you can specify the retangular area around that element you want the screenshot of.
I think this is the most you can do with the standard Take Screenshot activity. Otherwise it will screenshot the entire screen.

Here is the documentation:

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Specifying an image to look for to take a screenshot of it doesn’t make any sense. If the image is always the same, why do you need the automation to take a screenshot of it?

If you want to take a screenshot of a particular area on the screen, then set the Clipping Region in the Take Screenshot activity.

I have to access different pages that I need to get only specific screenshot on each page, currently the take screenshot activity takes the entire page or specific ones that gets highlighted and wanted to get screenshot of particular area, I am using StudioX and will try the Clipping Region. Thank you @Lucas_Ferraz! Thank you @postwick!

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Good luck, and happy automation!

Hi. Currently you can definitely screenshot an element, not the whole page.

So could you please post a link to the site (or tell us what is the application) that you’re trying to screenshot? I’m trying to determine if you might be able to do that already, or if you could do that with an improvement we had in mind.

Thanks Cosmin, our users are trying to do this using StudioX, yes we can take a screenshot using screenshot activity but for defined area only, the user wanted to take screenshot based on what specific are user would choose dynamically.