Highlight Portion of the image


I want to dynamically highlight portion of the image that I have.
Here i am attaching an image file , in that i want to highlight Borrowers fields with value ,and take screenshot.

Can anyone help me to resolve this issue??

I had tried but its not working

I’m not sure whether this works @Mohammed1

Try sending the hot key ctrl + +

It will zoom in the screen

No, It should highlight that region to take screenshot

Is it a PDF or a text on the web @Mohammed1?

Pdf file

Then use, read PDF text activity and then use string manipulations to get the value after that particular text @Mohammed1

I cant highlight the text while taking screenshot…

I mean , forget about taking screenshot, you can get the name directly by reading PDF right @Mohammed1?

Your requirement is taking screenshot or the name?

My requirement is to highlight the name in pdf and take screenshot