Identify if signature is present or not in a PDF

The scenario I am trying to capture works like this:

  1. Open the PDF (scanned and loaded in the folders)
  2. Go to the Customer signature field
  3. See if the signature is present or not.

How can we do this in Uipath? I tried Get Text and Find element in Anchor base activity. It did not help, as the signature is not identified. Can you please help?

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Hi @gopikaaramanan
The steps taken to look for the signature are as follows:

  • change Zoom field in your PDF viewer to ideal view for Image recognition and OCR
  • Use Arrow keys and Pagedown to scroll page
  • Look for image nearby the Signature box like “Please Sign Here” and stop scrolling
  • Set Clipping Region using the found image element to fit around the Signature box
  • Highlight new element’s clipping region for testing
  • OCR using the element to convert to characters and decide if it’s empty or not
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Hi @Naveen_tg -

Thanks for your response.
I followed your instructions. I used Find Image and i set the clipping region on the pdf (on the place where the customer signs). I am stuck after this.

Please elaborate on the last point you mentioned. How do I OCR using the element to convert to characters? The signature cannot be converted to characters, right? Basically, if the pixel count has changed from nothing to something, it would mean, there is some signature there. But how do I capture the pixel count ? what element is it? How is it done? Please help.

If you are using adobe acrobat 11 check the option related to readability which will enable you to identify selectors in PDF (Native pdf) and you can easily check whether signature is available or not. We have done similar process recently.

Hi @gopikaaramanan,
Try using Get OCR Text to convert inside to characters. Based on that characters write a condition to check whether its valid or not