Taking action when something appears on screen

I’d like to create a robot that in the background monitors changes to screen and when a particular screen appears or changes it triggers an action or displays a non-modal dialog.

For instance, let’s say the robot monitors app xyz and as soon as a name appears on the apps screen in a pre-determined location it trigger an app and passes this name to the app. Or just displays a dialog on the screen with additional info about the name that just displayed in the app.

Is this possible?


Well @farbodr

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When you are talking about screen change are you possibly hinting towards Popups or is it a generic window that might appear as an app. behaviour? Any window opens no matter what… Is that it?

Anyway for the same, have you tried ‘parallel’ activities (as you already know the screen changes/window titles that might appear) where you monitor for the same (element exists or on element appear) and close it or trigger any action as required.

Another avenue would be to build a windows service that monitors the event logs or something that constantly looks for the Window/popup title and then close it or trigger some other action as required.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. Here is the use case I had in mind. Our users have an app on their machines that they use all day long. I would like to monitor their activity on this app. When they to go to a specific screen (non-model screen) on the this app and, say look up a person and they see a person’s info on the screen, I would like to scrape this name and then do something with it like look up this name in another database and display additional info in a small non-modal window on the screen.

Makes sense?


You can have a bot monitor the ‘Search’ button that the user will click. This is done using the MonitorEvents activity. The bot essentially listens to the events taking place and as soon as it is clicked it can grab the name of that individual and perform a synchronous action.

So while the person info page loads, the additional info screen is also returned by the bot.

This is a great suggestions - @farbodr seems like an attended automation and monitor events seems sensible for this kind of task.

Also if you are not wary of the user knowing that you are scraping the data then you might as well include a message box/dialog box to intimate the user to hold on until the operation is complete. :slight_smile: