Screen message

What UI path activity can I use to display like an on-screen notification/message to the user? I have used Status Progress Activities but I always get an invocation error. So the way I have built the robot is:

  1. The robot will be on-standby and will only run when a hotkey is pressed. Therefore I need like a floating message on the screen to remind user how to run or wake the robot up.
  2. When the robot runs the process, a live status notification should appear on the screen to that the robot is running the process.
  3. After running the process, the notification that appear in step 2 should disappear and the notification for step 1 should appear.

Note: I cannot use the pop up message as the user is expected to work on other stuff while the robot is just “sleeping” in the background.


@redanime94 Try this package

Use the below activity


Use the below link for more info

Hi, I don’t think I can find it in the packages list.