Take Screenshot of area between two selectors

I want to take screenshot of quite specyfic area and there is no single selector that will cover the entire thing.
Later I noticed that I can get element if left-top and right-bottom corner of that area.

Can I somehow take a screenshot the area between two elements?

just calculate the region using the regions from the two elements and set it to the ClippingRegion of TakeScreenshot:

I was also thinking about it, but I couldn’t put variables in clipping region.

then Use element am not sure please put the variable in side the element below the clipping region

It looks like editor is changed, as we did similar in the past.
However try following alternate:

find element - let point to a area where to elements are present - Var: uiElement
set ClippingRegion:
And use uiElement within takeScreenshot activity:

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