Take data from execl and put in SharePoint list with drop downs

I’m trying to use Studio X to take data from Excel and automatically enter it into a SharePoint list. “Type Into” works for most fields but not the SharePoint fields with drop downs. I’m using “Excel for each row” to loop through the data. How do I put the data into a drop down field and then continue filling in the form?

Can Do!

What if we took the excel value and put that into a variable (Lets call it MyExcelValue)
Then for the drop-down we used a Select Item card
The Select Item card is going to give us every item it found in the drop-down list
HOWEVER- we would then plug MyExcelValue into the input variable item for the Select Item card (Instead of the items it gave us to choose from)

Here is the documentation for the “Select Item” activity in StudioX

Let me know if it works!

Sorry, I’m too new to this to follow your instructions. Could you tell me how to do this using Studio X?

I think it will be easier in Quick Edit mode:

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If the value of MyExcelValue if it exist, how choose the equal in the drop down list?