Unable to use excel values as input text in Type into

I am not getting the option (the plus icon) to select value from excel in Type into. Only the option is to manually put the text in quotes.
Please help me to know why i am getting this issue


In Excel Application activities, we need to select the file because of that you are getting such option but in Type Into activity such option is not required as we are using to type some text.

I have used “Use Excel file” and inside it I am using “Type Into” and in the Type into text box I am not getting option to select value from excel.
This is the first project defined in the “Reboot your skills -Automation Starter” and I am not getting the same thing in my studio X.

Hello @Anamika_Gupta_US ,

I think you are trying to read an excel and getting that value from the excel and passing it inside the selector in the Type Activity. Is my assumption correct?

Could you plz share the error and the expectation?

Yes you are right.
I am not getting any error because I am unable to setup the “Type into” to get the value from excel sheet.

in the image there is no option (+ icon) to select the value from excel in the the red box of image:


Please refer to the below screenshot of regarding my expectations.
Here in the “Type into” the option is visible to select the value from excel but in my Studiox i am not getting this option.

Hello @Anamika_Gupta_US ,

Here you have just used the Use Excel and inside that you have read the Excel.That why you are not able to pass any value.

1)Use Excel
2)Read Excel and give the sheet you want to use and you will get the output to a DataTable varibale
3)Then you can use a For Each Row in Datatable activity.
4) Inside the Type Into (CurrentRow(0).ToString). It will give you the First column row values. You can change o with column name also.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

Thanks for the response!!
I am able to do it now and I used read cell and output value as variable then used the same variable as input in Type into.

Glad to hear that :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Anamika_Gupta_US , what version StudioX are you using and what version Excel package?

Hey @Raluca_Laic

I am using the Studiox version - 2020.10.6

And for the Excel Package I am not able to check.

Hi @Anamika_Gupta_US

You should be able to see the package version under Manage Packages:

Updating it to the latest version might help you resolve this issue.

However, I believe you might be using Studio rather than StudioX. See my screenshot below, it comes from Studio set with a StudioX profile:

Both the color, but also the indicated profile name (StudioX) is different than on your screenshot.

You can change it here:

Hi All,
Can you please let me know, why Number 1 from excel sheet does not go into web form? Tried any ways. Please advise a solution

Hello @Eric_Geddam ,

Could you give some more clarity on your issue? It would be better if you can explain with some screenshot

In this image showing the input to web screen, I am trying input No 1 into the first field from excel sheet, and It would not take i No 1 but inputs todays day + 1 and inputs into the day field = 13. Please advise if you require more info

Excel data getting picked

This is what is getting input in the web.

Can you share the screenshot of the for loop you have used? Also try to print the values which you are getting from the excel in a messgae box and share that screenshot also.

Today date on top and what coming into feed the web is 11… as per previous excel data. But inputs on the day field as 14 and if its one then adds one day for today and puts it on the screeen

Top date goes 1 year back from today as default