Table Extraction works with Test Extraction but NOT while Debuging the File


I am facing the following problem and its quite annoying. I am using table extraction activity to extract data from the following web platform:

I can select the columns I want to extract data from, and the Test Extraction works like charm. Every single line, even when scraping multiple pages.
The problem comes when running the automation, the robot opens the platform, clicks where it should and when it comes to extract the data it finds nothing.
After this I trie the Test Extraction again and if fails, it only works during the first try (when I configure the activity).
I have already tried delays in the activitys, different lenghts, ridiculous long delays, and doesn´t work.
Can anyone help me with this?

sounds like a selector problem, can you show me the selector when you create the extraction and when fails?

Hi Natanael,

Thank you for your response. The thing is that in this activity selectors are not shown as in any other activity such as Click, or text, or normal activities. This doesn´t go through all the selector properties (or at least as far as I was able to find).

Here I am attaching images of the step by step I do to configure the columns.

Extract Wizard 1


Dont click on edit target…instead expand the target from properties and you would find what selector is being used and all…please check and rectify the selector also try using strict selector under target methods if possible so that the table selector can be identified properly…I hope you know how to use ui explorer to refine your selector…center top and right top menus help you with it


Thank you very much Anil! I was able to resolve it adding a Fuzzy Selector and a wildcard in the Strict Selector. Anyways, the Fuzzy Selector field is to use with a string, and the Image Selector field as well. I don´t understand why they didn´t use the normal UX of any activity instead, is less intuitive.
Thanks for your help.

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