Table extraction to excel issue

While extracting data Table from web i get this error.
"the number in this cell is formatted as text or preceded by an apostrophe "
I cannot convert the column type to interger as it has “<” in one of its cell

How to ignore the error above without manually going to that excel sheet ?
Please help

Leave the column type as string and convert it later.

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Definitely as @postwick said. I would after replace all signs (like < > = by empty), then every time you loop you could convert the content (Cdbl(row(0)) to use it further

It could also be useful to do the conversion once on all rows, creating a new Double column and putting the converted value into it. Depends on the process if this would be useful. An example is if you wanted to later use the Filter Datatable activity, already having the Double values in all rows would be necessary.