Issue when merging datatables

Hey guys,

I have two excels that I am merging based on a column with values like, “502123FA7601”, “502123384A01”.
Can someone advise on how to preserve the text format as some cell values are updated to “5.0212336E+209” and due to this, the merging is not accurate.
This is the only unique column I have, and hence I have to work with this.

Edit: The excel is downloaded through email automation, and hence any method to convert the column’s format through UiPath itself, would be helpful.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Hi @Meyammai

Try by converting the value to string.

The excel is downloaded from an email which is also automated.
Is there a way to convert the format of the column to string through UiPath itself?

Although excel may show the e notation of a number but uipath reads the full value and this should not create the merging problem of data tables.

Hi @Meyammai

What is the cell type of the merging column in the excel you are downloading from email ?

unfortunately, it is creating an issue as it changes the value to a decimal? I am not sure why, but that is the reason why it is not possible.

The cell type is set to text when it is being downloaded from the email.