System1 Automation Advance level 3 : ACME System and SHA1 abrupt end NO HASH NO ERROR

Hey RPA’s
I had a problem, with the calculate client hash security, it came to a sudden end with a message: in image, but i cant get the hash , can some who help me know where my mistakes are.

Hi @Owolabi_Gbeminiyi

do you expect to see the hash values in the output window instead of System.Data.DataRow?

i expected it to process one after the other, watching how bot do her things in processing, regardless though, i went back to see ACME work items, if any of the work items get the status completed but none has it, which means it does not process as i had wanted, thanks for your response.

i guess the problem is about navigation to System1_URL with the workID, i check that as well see in the image, which i think it also there see the image.

Did you ensure that the transaction id changes after each loop?

i guess so, because i tried couple of times and i had different transaction id; thanks i wish i can resolve it soon, i spent lot of hours to figure it out, i will check again, what i notice is that am using iexplore without uipath extension, and i cant find the extension on uipath tool, though you will find edge, firefox and chrome, but i had rather choose the uipath native browser, i mean IE, thanks

i just got and did it, it was the transactionitem.out_transactionitem = transactionitem in GetTransaction arguments , and finally. Thanks for your concern . @cksb,

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