I cannot finish the Calculate Client Security Hash task

Good afternoon people! So it is appearing that my task is failed. Could someone help me with the error? I’m not finding it! Thanks

RoboNivel3Calculate.zip (663.4 KB)

HI @Brenosants try debugging to see if the transactions are being processed

Appear no errors when debugging

where your transaction completed?

When I debugged it ran completely. Now it just enters the SHA1 website and terminates execution but shows no errors. I really don’t know where the error is so I can fix it

In your get transaction.xaml file you ommited some stepsGetTransactionData.zip (2.0 KB) check this out and correct yours.

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There are some variables missing Naming conventions as well. Like one below:

in SHA1Online_GetHashCode

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What would be right?

ideal Naming convention is as an example --> ElementExist. In your condition as well I suppose you are checking element and then using this if condition, thus, you can use this kind of variable.

This is only one example of the changes I have found, there might be others of similar kind.

Change the name of your folder and rename it to ClientSecurityHash when you upload it to exam.

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Hey @Brenosants check through the one i sent and compare it with what you have and populate your workflow with the correct activities else it won’t work