Level 3 Practice Calculate Client Security Hash failed several times


I have problem in UiPath RPA Academy level 3 Practice 1. I got stucked because the assignement failed several times and i always get 0/100 despite that my workflow is correct and the results correspond to the objectives of the test.

Please i need your answer and your help as soon as possible

I have the same issue than you.
Did you find the solution for this hash security exercice ?
Many thanks for your time

Hello @Houssemj and @Vince75 ! If you’re both sure that the assignment/workflows you’ve done are correct here are some of the steps that you can try:

  • Execute/Run the entire assignment to completion (i.e. until the entire assignment has finished executing) and make sure that there are no errors/warnings in the Output panel.
  • Check that all the WI5 items in the ACME test site had changed their properties (i.e Status = Completed)
  • DO NOT reset the test data after successfully running the assignment and DO NOT reset it before submitting either, leave it as it is.

If these don’t work then please try uploading your assignments here so that we can double check everything.
Have a good day!

This link may help you,

Hi BenMar. please do check my assignement as well as i’m facing teh same issue as er above. Happy New Year :slight_smile:

CalculateClientSecurityHash_.zip (519.7 KB)

After completing your automation , do not rest your test data.