download failure


Curious if anyone has had an issue downloading the by Microsoft package. The I’ve tried numerous versions that are out there and each time I get the following error: " NotFound". My goal was to follow steps to upload a binary file to an http site but all the solutions require this package (example: Http request activitty- binary format body - #2 by Yoichi). Is there another package that can accommodate this process, or is there an issue with the current package that UiPath needs to address? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


did you try to import it directly in the workflow into the “Imports” tab? .NET should contain it.


Morning @q.gio,

The was already in my imports tab. I’m guessing it’s there because I keep trying to download different versions of the package. Is that what you mean?

Hi @Kyle_Barton1,

if it already there, you should be able to use System.Net.Http namespace in the workflow with the code in that example. You shouldn’t download again the package from Nuget.


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