Can not install System.Net.Http

I have been trying to install this package, but i get this error. Even after I re-install UiPath, still get the same error. Any1 got an idea how to fix this?


Go to .nuget folder and delete the folder with this name and then try reopening the project


“with this name”? what do you mean?

Let us know for a more individually guidance folowing:

  • Version of UiPath.System.Activities Package
  • Selected target framework (e.g. legacy, windows)
  • Selected programming language (VB.Net, C#)


Inside the .nuget folder…you will have packages folder…which containa folder with name system.web.http please delete that and reopen the project and check


  1. UiPath.system.activities 22.10.4
  2. Windows

u mean system.NET.http? i cant find system.WEB.http

remove the package from the dependencies:


My bad yes you are correct…the folder name will be same as the package name


is this means i dont have to install that package?

let us know on which class you are interrested. As shown above it was resolved without explicit addition to the dependencies


At least try it

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