System error: Cannot create unknown type

Hi guys, I am facing below error when I am running my process from orchestrator. The robot version ins2018.2.3.

I have checked in Orchestrator-> activities , all the dependencies are present over there but still I am getting below error:

““System error: Cannot create unknown type ‘{}InArgument({clr-namespace:Exceptionless.Json.Linq;assembly=Exceptionless}JObject)’., Invoke Creation of Groups workflow: UiPath.Core.Activities For Transaction: 091e3a6b-918f-4103-a6b9-6326f52d7a49””

Please help me with this,Thankyou

you’ve created the workflow in a newer version of uipath studio than the version on the machine you’re trying to run. try to install the packages manually via package manager in studio.

You need to compare your server and your DEV machine, for all config files, folders, process directory and packages you have used in your process.

Hi, I have created my workflow in 2018.1.1 version and running it on 2018.2.3 robot


Goto Manage Packages and update packages if it asked for any update.

I got this error when I created a custom package in C#, installed it into my workflow but forgot to upload it to my orchestrator as a library. Once I uploaded it, all worked fine.