Switching between one tab to another

Hi All,

I want to switch from one tab in the google chrome browser to another and then take the information from one tab of the google chrome browser and pass this to another tab and so forth. I’ve been trying to use attach window activity for that but it is not staying in the indicated tab of the browser instead it is going back to the first tab, and my code is continuously failing.
Please suggest me with this.


Try using hover activity on an element on the tab you want to go to…then that particular tab will be activated

And I hope the tab names are different

you can use them to differentiate


Hi @Tanya_Verma

Better to use the use application\browser activity for that. For the first website give one use application\browser and another webpage redirecting give another use application\browser. Open the properties of open application\browser activity and keep the window attach mode to single window for both.

Note - Use appliation\browser activity is the Modern design activities.

Hope it helps!!


Use go to URL activity.

Hi @Tanya_Verma

Try using 2 open browser activity and in the first open browser mention the URL you want to extract the information and within the first open browser activity use another open browser activity and mention the next URL and place all the necessary activities need to be done in second Tab.


Show your code and selectors. You should be using Use Application/Browser to attach to the tab you want. As long as the selectors are correct so that the tabs are uniquely identified, it will stay on the tab you want.