Multiple tabs, identical name in Chrome

Hello everyone.
A few weeks ago I got stuck with certain part of my bot’s logic that needs to open a second tab with identical name.
I fixed it at the moment by using IE, but now I’ve been force to use chrome again.
The selector for both tabs is the same

The problem occurs when I open the second tab and the attach browser activity stays in the first tab, while I’m trying to move the logic unto the second tab.

Is there any other way to make the second tab distinguishable from the first one?

Have a nice day!

You will need to use another attach browser, one that points to the new tab, since the title is different from the first. Treat it as though you’ve opened a new application, and switching between each requires using a different Attach Browser.

using the output of Open Browser could be an option
give a try on adding an index information to the top selector <html titl....... idx='2'>

Oh I forgot to mention that i already tried putting the idx=‘1’ and idx=‘2’ to each tab. It didnt work for me :frowning:

I use a new attach browser activity, but since they have the same name and selector, it simple picks up the first tab.

have a look here