Switch Expression formula read from config file

Hi all, I would like to ask whether is there possible to read formula (eg. IF formula) from Config file and written in the Switch Expression to get String result.

Formula = IF(Days < 356, “1 year”, IF(Days<712, “1-2 year”, “>2Years”)

I would to write this formula in config file, then pass out into SWITCH expression to get the result of 1year, 1-2year, 2years.
Reason to write in config instead of directly write in Switch Expression as the formula will have high chance to be changes in future, thus to avoid keep change the script, I will prefer direct update in config file.

Thank you

Hy @ChongMing,

You Could try something to pass a string like this:
Formula = IF({0} < 356, “1 year”, IF({1}<712, “1-2 year”, “>2Years”).
Then you replace {0} with {1} with your variables, like this


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