How to excecute dynamic condition stored in a String?

Hi, I’d like to build a UI for my users for creating conditionals and change flow of an automated process.

My idea is using the UI for creating conditionals and saving in the Config File, so the robot can excecute these conditional in an If activitie.

So my question is How to excecute this dynamic conditon crafted by my users?


Hi @Angel_Campos

Welcome to UiPath community buddy and thats a good question to start with
it looks like we need user input with the conditions that are to be followed, so it becomes a ATTENDED ROBOT…thats a first point
So you cannot expect this process to be ran without human intervention, that is a fully automated. And if that is the intention then its absolutely fine…
–Then how to get the user input and store it the config file…get the input from the user using input dialog box activity where we can get the input from user and get the output from this variable as a string with a variable of type string
–Then we can use the WRITE CELL activity to write these values in the excel in the particular cell position we want
–Then we can read the config file use excel application scope and read range activity and can make use of the config value
Thats all you are done buddy
Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Angel_Campos

Hi @Angel_Campos,

If the changes in the flow can be handled from the config file then here is the way you can think of implementing it.

can you build your config in way that bot can directly incorporate the changes and also user can modify the configuration as per the need.If yes then you can put your configuration file at a shared location where bot and end users both can access it and once the end user make the changes in the cofig file the changes will be available for the bot as well and in that case you do not need to crate a separate UI.