If Config file can have changing variable such as date time to show different day

Hi Guys, would like to know anyone has come across an issue that want config file contain changing variable, instead of fixed parameters. For example, if i publish workflow in Day1, the date displayed in config file is Day 1, but in Day 2, can RPA automatically read the date should be Day 2 instead of Day 1, even though i not publish again in the next day? it is what i mean changing variable. Many thanks in advance!

You give datetime.now instead of reading from Config. Read Commmon part from config and add dateteime.now after that .

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Noted thx, sorry for inconvenience

so it means in current version config file cant contain changing variable right? The only method is to define variable in the workflow it self?

Hi @Chenxi_SHAO,

Config file is mainly used to store Orchestrator Assets, Queue info, links to other external sources like URL’s for example and many more constant values that do not change frequently. For something like a date, That can be simply achieved in the code itself like System.DateTime.Now. These types of data are usually not saved in the config variable because, if we do it, there is an added dependency there because each time, someone has to be there to change it. It actually breaks the purpose of RPA don’t you think? :slight_smile:

Hi, You can add Today’s formula in excel to change variable on daily basis. Attaching the file for reference.Config.xlsx (21.6 KB)