Swagger Service: Service operations are not found

in an internal software I have got a REST interface with a swagger description. It works fine with a “direct” http connection.
I would like to use the Service capability and load the yaml file. It loads, but doesn’t save all of the available options: I get the message “Service operations are not found”

If I uncheck all the options with a hyphen “-” in the “path” section, the file is saved.
If I delete the hyphens in the yaml file, the complete file is saved.
The developer of the interface insists, that hyphens and underlines are valid characters in the YAML files.
We can’t simply change the paths in the interface, because there are other comsumers of the interface.
Has anybody an idea to solve this situation?
YAML file is uploaded.ap1337-yaml_fuer_support.7z (4.1 KB)08-10-_2019_09-03-17

Hi @jodroenn

Thanks for the report, I registered the bug in our system. I will update the topic after someone from our team had a look :slight_smile: