2019.4 New version got Services option

Hi Team,

Found option Services in the newer version uipath (2019.4.0-beta 8)

But unable to find any documentation about and the use of this feature in Uipath



I’m on the same version, but I do not see this


it’s 2019.4.0 beta .8


Hi @c.ciprian

This option is only available for Library projects.

Feel free to try it out with our Orchestrator Swagger URL :slight_smile:

i can’t open this UiPath,
i want to try add a new service, but don’t know how to fill ‘FIle or link’ blank. Tried use your link, but failed also.

Hi @pitaty

The new link should look like that:

You will need to replace these two with your values:

I’m in! Thank you~

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This is looking FANTASTIC! I’m amazed.

i am using UiPath Enterprise cloud when i am trying to use the swagger as explained in below link i am getting error.


i am facing error “The document is invalid”.

just want to check, if i want to use do i have to buy any other license?

Hi @venkat4u

It looks to be working for me. Could you maybe share the link to swagger you are trying out? It should be in this format:


yep. i am using the same format.

as per document i captured the account logical name and tenantname from my cloud orchestrator.

Super strange, I’ve tested it myself and it worked just fine. Would you mind sending me a PM with your URL?

It should be without the brackets:

i didnt get what is PM?

please find the screenshot


Och, I get it now.

It looks like the swagger page offers the link. Here’s how it should look like:

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its working fine.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hi venkat,

I am trying to do the same as you have created but could you plz let me know where could i find the account logical name in orcherstartor bcoz for me also its saying invalid document what settings i need to perform?

Could you plz guide me?




for cloud orchestrator you can find from here.

Cheers :slight_smile: