Suspicious behavior UiPath Update assistant (virus?)


Is this really UiPath? This is the first time I see that UiPath is behaving like this and it looks very suspicious is this maybe some virus?


and it also has old UiPath Logo, also I was not notified over the mail or anything else.


Please confirm what is going on. Thank you.

This does look weird.

Could it have something to do with the new feature to auto update studio and assistant? I got it in version 2021.10 in my Orchestrator on-premisses. I can set which machine should be updated, and which versions should be used, but as everyone in my team manually installed the latest version when we upgraded the Orchestrator, we never saw it in action yet. Maybe it generates a warning like this?

I don’t know. But it does look shady.

I’ll keep an eye in this post, it’s important to know if this is official.