Supporting all browsers

Hi Team,

I am trying to use a browser called ‘ghost browser’. is there a was to get support for browsers other than IE,Firefox and chrome. could some please help me on this.

Praveen Akepati

Hi @praveen_Akepati,

UiPath supports IE, Firefox, Chrome browsers.
if apart from anything you need to use citrix automation i hope. @ovi can you confirm this one.


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Hi @praveen_Akepati

As per the previous discussions in this forum, i dont see support for other browsers anytime soon. UiPath also doesnt support Microsoft Edge which is integrated with windows.

For now UiPath only supports IE, Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft Edge is on it’s way, we’ll have support for it really soon. But apart from these, no other browser.

You can make suggestions in and product team will consider them and keep you updated with the implementation.