Need Supported Browser Versions for UIPath Studio 6.4.2

Hi ,

I face issue’s with Internet Explorer Edge , Chrome 63.0 , Firefox 52.5.2 even after setting up Extensions , I am unable to identify Objects/Elements on screen like Table’s Edit boxes etc using UIExplorer .
Kindly let me know Supported Browser Versions for UIPath Studio 6.4.2?
Because Its very Unstable to Automate a Browser.
Please Support!

Hi @RajeshBalu,

Please use Internet Explorer 11 as your browser for carrying out Automation Projects.

Ui Path supports all popular browsers like IE , Mozilla Firefox and Chrome.

Sometimes, there are problems with Firefox and Chrome even when u install the extensions.

So please go for Internet Explorer 11 and use it for automation , as it will work well :slight_smile:


Thanks a Lot ! It works only on IE-11

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