Suggestions to streamline library submissions in Marketplace

Hi @Sophia_Salo, @Anuj_Tiwari and @loginerror,

After reviewing the Publishing Guidelines, I see some scope for improvements.

  1. I was thinking about how to streamline submissions you get in Marketplace, especially the library type submissions.

    I think your team / reviewers could save a lot of time if the Guidelines also included a requirement for a test suite in UiPath terms a “Test Bench”, where the authors consume their package in a project / testing project and could show that the library activities perform as intended.

    When I develop a library, I do maintain a test-suite to ensure that as and when I add new features I can use the test-suite to validate before publishing. Later in the lifecycle of the listing, this can come in handy as new features can easily be tested on the same “Test Bench”. The Test bench files could be archived in Marketplace or say in Github by the authors.

    This way UiPath reviewers can save a lot of time and authors can be sure that their activities work as intended.

  2. Possibility to enlarge the images from the listing without having to open them in a new browser tab. If a user can zoom into the image that could be really nice feature to have.

  3. The mandatory upload of listing files and source code in zip could be the last step of the listing, that way the users can fill out the necessary meta data and build up good release notes, overview etc. Currently, this is required in the first step, which breaks the flow.

Thank you for your efforts and consideration!

Thank you for all the feedback. I forwarded it to our Marketplace team for future consideration.