Mini Project for RPA [Level 1]

Hello everyone,
I want to do mini project on RPA [Level 1] . can anyone suggest me the topics and walkthrough of the project.

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Parvati Thalal

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HI @parvati,

In the UiPath Academy, for level 1 lessons, there are several walk through’s to follow in practice exercises. These are also assisted with the videos in each lesson… You can start with those by following the walk through’s

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If we want to do one project by combining all the " lessons of level 1" then what will be the best suitable project?
can u help me out with the project [ Topics]?

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Sorry for my late response…

Yes, I can help you with the topics… There are 13 lessons in Level 1 in academy. The topics are as follows.

  1. Introduction - Basically an intro to foundation level of UiPath
  2. Variables & Data types - introduces you to different variables and data types in Studio
  3. Data Manipulation - Scalar variables/ Text manipulation/ Gathering and assembling data
  4. Recording - How to record screen activities - Basic & desktop Recording/ Web recording
  5. Advanced UI Interaction - Input Output methods/ Screen scraping/ Data Scraping
  6. Selectors - One of the mostly important sessions. It describes how to uniquely identify UI elements on a screen…
  7. Image & Text automation - Basic Citrix/ Keyboard automation
  8. Advanced Citrix Automation - Best practices/ Starting apps in Citrix environments
  9. Excel & Data tables - Basic interactions/ Data processing using datatables
  10. PDF automation - Extracting data from PDF
  11. Email automation - Interacting with emails/ sending emails
  12. Debugging and exception handling
  13. Project organization

Hope this help you to get an idea what it covers…


Not this topics , means a website or a app where i can perform this RPA automation of level 1.

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I will suggest one usecase , try to do this.

Input will be product name.
You have to search the same product in two online shopping sites,
Store the details appear on websites in excel , than mention which site is better to buy product on the basis of discount provided.
No hard coding and use config.


Sorry for my misunderstanding… yes… UiPath actually provides a web site in later levels to be used for there practical exams… This actually comes in in the Level 3. But still you can create an account in their website and do some testing with what you learn in Level 1 without any complex stuff…

This is the site they have…