StudioX UiPath webscraping

Hi everyone, I am new to StudioX.
I am currently on a project on retrieving data from multiple pages. I am able to retrieve page one data but when it goes to page 2. The loop will fail as the bot will go back to page 1 as there is where the main page is . Only from main page i can go to 2nd page and so on.

Unfortunately this is how the website is built. any suggestions?

You might take a look on Youtube for Anders tutorial:
‘How to do Web Scraping with UiPath - Use Case’
He discusses how to extract structured data into a table. He is using Studio but you will get the idea for the scraper in Studio X. Unfortunately this strategy also means learning about Regex to clean the scraped data. But it is all about learning, so it is all good :slight_smile:

Hi James. Thanks for the suggestion. I managed to get the bot to scrape page 1 but due to the fact that the bot will always go back to page 1 as that is the main page despite prog to copy from page 2 and onwards.

Hi Michael, thanks for the post. Maybe you can share a screen grab of the content you are trying to scrape? Then we can see if it is structured data or unstructured? Are you using StudioX? I see that Studio has CV-Vision option. which Anders uses in one of his videos.