Get the variables from Email

Hi, I need to read the variables from Email Body. It looks like this:

Location:New York

How to get all of these into variables like string Name will store “Tom”

I think that may be easy but I’m new in IT.

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If you install outlook in your system then use Get Outlook Mail message activity and create a variable for mailmessages

Use ForEach activity to loop and change the typeArgument to system.Net.Mail.MailMessage

Inside the For Each activity place a Assign actvity and write as mailBody = item.Headers(“Body”).ToString

Now use Regex to retrive your information
Example use Assign and write as Name = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(mailBody,"(?<=Name).+").Value

This will store the name value in the Name variable

like wise you can create multiple variables to store surname, location, age etc.,

Hope this may help you


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