Extract text from email body to variables- office360

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I have to read outlook email body and extract the below column and save into data table.


Check this thread also this also helps for you

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Get your email body as html string. From this string you can use Regex to extract it easily.

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Hi @Vishal_Verma1

I have replicated and extracted the required data to excel. Here is the zip file. Let me know if it works.

ExtractTextfromEmailBodyusingOffice365.zip (153.5 KB)


Hope it helps!!

Thanks @Parvathy for helping, please what package i need to install as i see error of missing activity.

Hi @Vishal_Verma1

Please download UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities

Go to Manage Packages → All Packages → Type UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities → Click Install → Click Save.

Please change the Additional Filter options according to yours.


Hi @Parvathy, thanks for the help, i need lil more help in this case. I have to read different format too, can you help me to make it dynamic. From the table i have to read ‘Tenant Code’ and ‘Tenant Name’ from other emails table.

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