StudioX Learning Plan - RPA Citizen Developer Foundation

You’ve probably considered the ways of delegating your hated task to somebody else. Probably each of us has that sin. Why not assign a software robot to that and free both yourself and your colleague?

We are thrilled to announce a Citizen Developer Foundation – our new Academy training which makes automation accessible for everyone. Now you don’t have to be an RPA Developer to build robots and get rid of that annoying chore! This new training targets citizen developers – the non-technical users who are eager to free up themselves and their departments with the power of Robotic Process Automation. Here’s how:

  • Citizen Developer Foundation spotlights StudioX – a UiPath tool that allows you to visually develop automations without any coding involved

  • The training consists of 11 Academy courses that include all the key info you need to know – from building your own software robot to properly managing it

  • Through this learning plan, you’ll understand how to automate across the most common applications in your tech stack including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, File Manager, etc.

  • You will also uncover the functionalities of UiPath Platform for end-to-end hyperautomation

  • Finally, yet importantly, you will be able to reuse the learning materials by building your own automation portfolio and sharing them with your workmates.

Enroll in the Citizen Developer Foundation training - automating repetitive tasks has never been easier.

You can also challenge your colleagues and peers to automate tasks by sending them this 1 pager about the RPA Citizen Developer Learning Plan and post your Diploma of Completion on LinkedIn with the #UiPathAcademy #StudioX and #RPA hashtags.

Happy Learning,
The UiPath Academy team.